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Global Consumer and Enterprise NAS Market - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021


Consumer and Enterprise NAS By User Type ( Consumer NAS, SOHO NAS, SMB NAS, SME NAS, Large Enterprise NAS) By Geography (APAC, North America, Europe, Latin America) By Countries ( China, Japan, US, UK ) Industry Analysis, Market Size By (Revenue,Shipment), Market Share, Key Vendors, Growth, Trends, Drivers and Forecast 2016 – 2022

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    The Global Consumer and Enterprise NAS is expected to cross $44 billion by 2021

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a low-cost server-based storage devices which is attached to a network and allow storage and retrieval of data from a centralised location to the authorised users.  It can be remotely accessible and easy to operate, because, it doesn’t require professionals to operate.

A recent report published on Global Consumer and Enterprise NAS Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021 provides a detailed analysis of the present scenario and growth aspect of the worldwide consumer and enterprise Network Attached Storage for next five years. The report provides the detailed market segmentation by

By User Type (In Revenue and Shipment)

  • Consumer NAS




  • Large Enterprise NAS

By Geography (In Revenue and Shipment)

  • North America

  • Europe

  • APAC

  • Latin America

  • Middle-East and Africa

By Top Countries

  • US

  • UK

  • China

  • Japan

By Market Share

  • Consumer NAS




  • Large Enterprise NAS

Consumer and Enterprise NAS – Market Size and Dynamics

Market research analysts at Beige Market Intelligence, forecast the Worldwide Consumer and Enterprise NAS market to grow at a CAGR of around 24% during the forecast period.

This growth of data is not only confined to consumers, SOHO, and SMBs. SMEs or large enterprises are also going to witness it. The users, who are running short of primary storage such as in device storage in mobile and external hard disk; left with two options, which are data storage in cloud or storing data in NAS devices. However, Network Attached Storage is highly economical and secure than cloud. A detailed analysis between cloud storage and Network Attached Storage cost comparison have been mentioned in the report.

Consumer and Enterprise NAS – Users Type Analysis

In terms of revenue; all the user segments−individual consumers, SOHO, SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises−are going to witness an remarkable growth. Similarly, the CAGR of the user segments can vary from 16% to 48%.

In 2012-2014, there was a slog in the growth rate of consumer NAS, due to the fall in the shipment as well as ASP. This trend will continue for a while and going to be revived by the increase in Smart home and Home automation. Beige Market Intelligence analysts have discussed two types of business model that have evolved in the developed nations, which include NAS as an integral part of Smart Home and Home Automation. Moreover, adoption of NAS by SOHO and SMBs compare to cloud storage is an emerging driver of the market in all the geographical segment. The report includes a detail cost analysis for each users Segments.   

Consumer and Enterprise NAS – Drivers, Restrains, and Trends

NAS for Smart home and home automation is a key driver in the market. In addition significant growth in data and piling up of unstructured data will enhance the demand for storage devices. However, cloud storage and SAN will pose a threat to the growth of NAS devices in the user segment. This is because, the cloud provides a cost-effective solution to individual consumer for short run than Network Added Storage. One of the emerging trend in the market is integration of remote synchronization and remote access features by the vendors in their upcoming Network Attached Storage models to minimize the threat of cloud storage as an alternate to NAS. Moreover, vendors are also reducing the ASP of NAS products to overcome the market challenges and to combat declining penetration.         

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Consumer and Enterprise NAS – Geography Analysis

The report includes the market analysis of different regions such as North America, APAC, Europe and Latin America. The report outlines the major market share holder and the market size analysis of all the regions and provides the market size and forecast of the key countries. For each region, the report provides break down by user type i.e. Consumer, SOHO, SME, SMB, and Large Enterprises In 2015, North America led the worldwide NAS storage market. It was followed by Europe, where Nordic region was showing the potential growth.

In the recent days, the North American market has shown significant growth in shipment of Network Attached Storage products than other geographies. The reason being, increasing use of network a storage by individual consumer, SOHO, SMBs.  In Europe, the declining ASP of Network Attached Storage devices is expected to pull down its contribution to the overall market by a bit. APAC is the most emerging geography, which is going to witness a CAGR of approx. 27%, and going to witness significant increase in market share. This significant growth in market share is primarily due to increasing construction of new data center in SEA and China.

Consumer and Enterprise NAS – Market Share and Key Vendors

This market research profiles the major companies in the Global Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market and provides the competitive landscape and market share of key the players.  The report covers the entire market outlook regarding the value chain operating within the market.The report also provides in-depth analysis of 12 leading vendors and 13 emerging vendors. The report further provide market share for the following:

  • Consumer NAS
  • Large Enterprise NAS

The competition in NAS market is intense in the individual consumer and SOHO segment, and it is expected to intensify further. It will lead to an intense price war among vendors, which will increase the shipment but reduce their profit.

The major vendors identified within the report are

Other emerging vendors are Asustor, Cisco system, Direct Data Networks, Drobo, Fujitsu, LeiCie Group S.A., Lenovo EMC, Nfina Technology, Oracle, Overland Storage, Promise Technology, Quantum, Tegile, Thecus, Transporter, Unylogix, X-IO Technologies, and Zyxel.

Why should you buy this report?

The report gives reasonable answers for the following questions which leads you to know the in- depth market analysis such as

  1. How has the market been performing and what are some of the current changes which are expected to change the landscape in the coming years?
  2. What are the various factors that can affect the market and in what way over the next few years?
  3. What are the emerging trends and challenges for the market over the next five years?
  4. What is the market size and market forecast for each product segment?
  5. What is the market size and market forecast for each user type?
  6. Which regions are going to have the largest market share and what are the factors propelling the market growth in that region?
  7. Which are the key countries and the market size and market forecast in the key countries?
  8. Which companies are the key vendors in the market?
  9. What are the strategies used by the top vendors, and what are the opportunities to grow?
  10. Which companies are the emerging vendors in the market?

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