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Global Mobility Scooter Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast – Till 2021


Global Mobility Scooter Market by Design Type/Size (Boot Scooters, Mid-size Scooters, Road Scooters). By number of Wheels (3 wheel Scooters, 4 wheel Scooters, 5 wheel Scooters). By Geographic Segmentation (APAC, Europe, Americas, ROW) By Country (Brazil, China, India, Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia), Rest Of Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany), UK, US). Global Industry Analysis, Market Intelligence, Market Size, Market Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2021

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Product Description

Mobility Scooter Market - Report Highlights

The  mobility scooter is a mobility aid designed like wheelchairs but configured like motorized scooter . It is also referred as power scooters or electric scooters. The global mobility scooter research report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of Global Mobility Scooter market for the period 2015-2021.  The research  report provides an in depth analysis of the market size and market growth of these mobility aids.

Mobility Scooter by Design Type/Size   

  • Boot Scooters
  • Mid-size Scooters
  • Road Scooters

Mobility Scooter by Wheels

  • 3 Wheel Scooters
  • 4 Wheel Scooters
  • 5 Wheel scooters

Mobility Scooter by Geography Segmentation

  • APAC
  • Europe
  • Americas
  • ROW

Mobility Scooter by Country Segmentation

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt and Saudi Arabia)
  • Rest Of Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany)
  • UK
  • US

Further, a detailed mapping of the region wise regulations and associated legalities governing the usage of the mobility scooter is provided in the report. The report also provides market share and profiles of the key vendors operating in the Global Mobility Scooter Market and further shows a detailed competitive landscape of key players.

Mobility Scooter – Market Size and Dynamics

Market Research Analysts at Beige Intelligence, expect the Global  Mobility Scooter to reach approx. US $2.4 billion by 2021 and the market to grow at a CAGR of 3.08 % during the forecast period. The mobility scooters are turning out to be an ideal alternative to wheelchairs or crutches, which prove to be burdensome for those who require mobility aid. The global personal mobility market is undergoing a dramatic shift on account of a rapid increase in adoption of cost-efficient and technology-based products. The use of electric scooters for adults can help improve the self-perceived quality of life of aging population but can also have long-term detrimental effects by increasing cardiovascular risks.

The Global Mobility Scooter Market has been segmented by design type /size, and geography.The US and  the Western Europe mainly the UK, constitute almost 70% of the market both in terms of users and revenues. North America is the largest consumer of the personal mobility devices market in 2015. Increasing elderly population and rising demand for assistive devices, along with the presence of a sophisticated reimbursement framework working towards reducing the expenditures of patients are major factors attributing to the region’s significant market share. Europe accounted for over 35% of the revenue share in the personal mobility devices market in 2015 and was the second largest consumer of mobility scooter in the forecasted period with Britain being the mobility scooter capital of Europe. APAC is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. The presence of untapped opportunities in the emerging markets of India and China and continually improving healthcare infrastructure in these markets are some of the key attributes accounting for the conclusion as mentioned earlier.

Mobility Scooter – Trends, Drivers, and Challenges

This market research report on mobility scooter provides an overview of the factors driving and restraining the growth of the Worldwide Mobility Scooter market. The market research report also outlines the emerging market trends that will contribute to the growth of the market during the forecast period. Some of the factors driving the growth of the mobility scooter market include advancement of technology in the healthcare sector, rising geriatric population and increasing incidences of knee disorders and disabilities in mobility. Also, the high adoption rate of these mobility aids and growing awareness of the types of mobility equipment available and the presence of supportive government initiatives in this field contribute to the growth of the market.

Some of the impending challenges confronting the Mobility Scooter Market include the lack of public infrastructure in many countries and also misuse of handicap scooter by able-bodied people. The electric mobility scooters for adults, and handicap scooters are more often used  by the able-bodied population as cost- effective means due to government schemes and lead to increased obesity levels and accidents. Also, there has been a marked change in the way people use them on account of their easier availability in second-hand market as used mobility scooters are cheap and easy to get. Also, the lack of coherence on the regulations governing the classification of mobility scooters and the use of powered wheelchairs acts as a growth deterrent for the market.

One of the trends, which we expect to be imminent in the Mobility scooter market, is that the market shall definitely grow in terms of its reach on account of an increased emphasis of governments and private bodies to provide affordable healthcare services. Further, the usage pattern of the mobility scooter is undergoing a change on account of substantial growth in the second-hand market, online sales and retail advertising. The mobility scooter has become an increasingly popular personal mobility choice with a rise in number of variants and improved designs, coupled with a change in perception governing the usage of these devices. Although there is a wide variation in regulatory approaches in different jurisdictions, there has been an enhanced recognition for these devices on account of their benefits outweighing the risks associated to users and pedestrians. The report further provides a commentary on the Porter’s five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

Mobility Scooter – Key Vendors and Market Share

This market research report on mobility scooter profiles the major companies in the market and also provides a competitive landscape of key players. The major players in the market include Drive Medical, Electric Mobility, Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, Sunrise Medical, and Quingo . Some of the other prominent vendors featured in the report include Amigo Mobility International, Invacare, Afikim Electric Vehicles, Van Os Medical, Hoveround Corporation, Roma Medical, Merits Health Products, Kymco, TGA Mobility, Moving Life and Vermeiren International. The Market players are adopting sustainability strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, strategic collaborations, and expansion of product portfolios to accentuate market growth.


Section 1 Research Methodology

Section 2 Executive Summary

Section 3 Research Methodology

               3.1  Executive Summary

               3.2 Highlights

Section 4 Report Coverage

           4.1 Report Overview

Section 5 Key Definitions and Assumptions

           5.1 Definition of Key Terms

                      5.1.1 Mobility Scooter

                      5.1.2 Assistive Technology

5.2 Definition of Key Geographies

5.3 Currency Exchange Rates

5.4 Market Size Estimation

5.5 Limitations of the Report

Section 6 Market Landscape

6.1 History of Mobility Scooter

6.2 Benefits of Mobility Scooter

6.2.1 Independence

6.2.2 Fall Prevention

6.2.3 Affordable

6.2.4 Shopping

6.2.5 Comfort

6.2.6 Safety

6.3 Limitations of Mobility Scooter

6.4 Features of Mobility Scooter

6.5 Basic Components of a Mobility Scooter

                      6.5.1 Features which Enable to Move and Handle Mobility Scooter

Section 7  Product Characteristics

7.1 Product Life Expectancy

7.2 Total Cost of Ownership

7.3 Product Specialization

                        7.3.1 Servicing and Maintenance

                        7.3.2 Mobility Scooter Batteries

                        7.3.3 Disposal

7.4 User Profile of Mobility Scooters

7.5 Associated Regulations and Legalities

Section 8 Price Environment

8.1 Price Fundamentals

8.2 Recent Price Trend

Section 9 Purchasing Process

9.1 Buying Basics

9.2 Purchase Considerations

Section 10 Key Market Trends

Section 11 Key Market Drivers

Section 12 Key Market Restraints

Section 13 Global Mobility Scooter Market

13.1 Overview

13.2 World Market for Mobility Scooters – Revenue Estimates and Forecasts for 2015-2021

Section 14 Segmentation of Mobility scooters by Design Type/Size

14.1 Market Segmentation of Mobility Scooters

14.2 Boot Scooters

14.3 Medium-sized Scooters

14.4 Road Scooters

Section 15 Sub-categorization Based on Wheel Type

15.1 3-Wheeled Mobility Scooters

15.2 4-Wheeled Mobility Scooters

15.3 5-Wheeled Mobility Scooters

Section 16 Geographical Segmentation

16.1 Segmentation of Mobility Scooters Market 2015-2021

16.2 Mobility Scooter Market in the US

16.3 Mobility Scooter Market in the UK

16.4 Mobility Scooter Market in ROE

16.5 Mobility Scooter Market in APAC

16.6 Mobility Scooter Market in the ROW

16.6.1 Latin America and the Caribbean

16.6.2 The Middle East

Section 17 Competitive Landscape

                17.1 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Mobility Scooter Market

17.1.1 Threat of New entrants

17.1.2 Bargaining power of suppliers

17.1.3 Bargaining power of buyers

17.1.4 Threat of substitutes

            17.1.5 Competitive rivalry

               17.2 Overview of Competition

                17.3 Portfolio Analysis – Mobility Scooters

           17.3.1 Benchmarking

    17.4 News and Developments

    17.5 Leading Vendors

    17.6 Prominent Vendors

Section 18 Key Vendor Analysis

               18.1 Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing

18.1.1 Introduction

18.1.2 Mobility Scooter Portfolio

18.1.3 Key Strengths

18.1.4 Key Strategy

18.1.5 Key Opportunities

               18.2 Golden Technologies Inc.

18.2.1 Introduction

18.2.2 Mobility Scooter Portfolio

18.2.3 Key Strengths

18.2.4 Key Strategy

18.2.5 Key Opportunities

               18.3 Pride Mobility Products

18.3.1 Introduction

18.3.2 Mobility Scooter Portfolio

18.3.3 Key Strengths

18.3.4 Key Strategy

18.3.5 Key Opportunities

                18.4 Sunrise Medical

18.4.1 Introduction

18.4.2 Mobility Scooter Portfolio

18.4.3 Key Strengths

18.4.4 Key Strategy

18.4.5 Key Opportunities

                18.5 Electric Mobility

18.5.1 Introduction

18.5.2 Mobility Scooter Portfolio

18.5.3 Key Strengths

18.5.4 Key Strategy

18.5.5 Key Opportunities

Section 19 Prominent Vendors

 19.1 Amigo Mobility International Inc.

 19.2 Invacare

19.3 Quingo

19.4 Afikim Electric Vehicles

19.5 Van Os Medical

19.6 Hoveround Corp.

19.7 Roma Medical

19.8 Merits Health Products

19.9 Kymco

19.10 TGA Mobility

19.11  Vermeiren

Section 20 Summary of Figures



Exhibit 1               Global Mobility Scooter Market Segmentation

Exhibit 2               Different Components of a Mobility Scooter

Exhibit 3               Total Cost of Ownership of Mobility Scooter [5 years]

Exhibit 4               Comparison of TCO of Mobility Scooter for different points of time

Exhibit 5               Age-distribution of Users of Mobility Scooters

Exhibit 6               Reasons to Use Mobility Scooter

Exhibit 7               Global Mobility Scooter Average Price Trend 2015 - 2021(in US$)

Exhibit 8               Frequency of Purchase of Mobility Scooters by Source and Status Type:

Exhibit 9               Factors Influencing Choice of Mobility Scooter

Exhibit 10             Key Buying Parameters

Exhibit 11             Mobility Scooter Models and Variant by Company

Exhibit 12             Prevalence of Osteoporosis in Selected Countries 2012 and 2021 (in millions)

Exhibit 13             Incidence of Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) in 2015 (million)

Exhibit 14             Funding Sources for Mobility Scooter

Exhibit 15             Duty structure of various countries for import of Mobility equipment

Exhibit 16             Growing Population of Adults 65+ Compared with Children under 5 (1950-2050)

Exhibit 17             Segmentation Map of Mobility Scooter Market 2015 (Revenue Share)

Exhibit 18             List of Some of Governments Initiatives in Healthcare Sector

Exhibit 19             Healthcare Spending as a percentage of GDP in Selected Developing Countries (2015-2021)

Exhibit 20             Global Mobility Scooter Market by Revenue 2015–2021 (in US$ billion)

Exhibit 21             Global Mobility Scooter Sales 2015 - 2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 22             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in Boot Segment 2015 - 2021($ million)

Exhibit 23             Mobility Scooter Sales in Boot Segment 2015 - 2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 24             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in Boot Segment 2015 - 2021($)

Exhibit 25             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in Medium-sized Segment 2015-2021(in $ million)

Exhibit 26             Mobility Scooter Sales in Medium- sized Segment 2015 - 2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 27             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in Medium-sized scooter Segment 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 28             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in Road Scooters Segment 2015 – 2021 (in $ million)

Exhibit 29             Mobility Scooter Sales in Road Scooter Segment 2015-2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 30             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in Road Scooter Segment 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 31             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in 3-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021($ million)

Exhibit 32             Mobility Scooter Sales in 3-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021 (in thousands)

Exhibit 33             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in 3-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 34             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in 4-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015 – 2021($ million)

Exhibit 35             Mobility Scooter Sales in 4-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 36             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in 4-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 37             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in 5-wheeled Scooter Segment 2015 – 2021 ($ million)

Exhibit 38             Mobility Scooter Sales in 5-Wheeled Scooter Segment 2015-2021 (in thousand unit)

Exhibit 39             Geographical Segmentation of Mobility Scooters Market

Exhibit 40             Elderly Population in Age Group of 65 and above in US 1950-2050 (in Millions)

Exhibit 41             US Elderly Population Aged 65 and above as a percentage of total US population (1960 – 2040)

Exhibit 42             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in US 2015- 2021($ million)

Exhibit 43             Mobility Scooter Sales in US 2015 - 2021(in thousand units)

Exhibit 44             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in US 2015-2021 ($)

Exhibit 45             Percentage of US Population with Disability by Age-group (2015)

Exhibit 46             Percentage of US Population with Disability Type by Age-group (2015)

Exhibit 47             Insurance Programs Assisting Mobility

Exhibit 48             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in UK 2015–2021 ($ million)

Exhibit 49             Mobility Scooter Sales in UK 2015 - 2021(in thousands)

Exhibit 50             Age-distribution of UK Population (1980-2040)

Exhibit 51             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in UK 2015 - 2021($)

Exhibit 52             Average Birthrate Comparison of Various Geographies (Birthrate per 1,000 Population)

Exhibit 53             Percentage of Population above 65 years Old in Various European Countries

Exhibit 54             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in ROE 2015-2021($ million)

Exhibit 55             Mobility Scooter Sales in ROE 2015-2021(in thousands)

Exhibit 56             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in ROE 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 57             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in APAC 2015 - 2021($ million)

Exhibit 58             Mobility Scooter Sales in APAC 2015 - 2021(in thousands)

Exhibit 59             Adult Population aged 60+ and 80+ in China and India (2000-2050)

Exhibit 60             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in APAC 2015 - 2021($)

Exhibit 61             Percentage of Population in Age Group of 65 years and above (Latin America and Caribbean)

Exhibit 62             Life Expectancy in Middle East Countries (in years)

Exhibit 63             Mobility Scooter Market Revenues in ROW 2015-2021($ million)

Exhibit 64             Mobility Scooter Sales in ROW 2015 - 2021(in thousands)

Exhibit 65             Mobility Scooter Price Trend in ROW 2015-2021($)

Exhibit 66             Product Depth Benchmarking for Mobility Scooter Vendors

Exhibit 67             Mobility Scooter – Global Market Size by Revenue and Units

Exhibit 68             Mobility Scooter – Segmentation by Design Type (in Revenue and Units)

Exhibit 69             Mobility Scooter – Segmentation by Wheels (in Revenue and Units)

Exhibit 70             Mobility Scooter – Segmentation by Geography (in Revenue and Units)




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