The Consumer NAS shipment expected to reach 29 million unit by 2021 and to lead the global NAS market


NAS Market or Network Attached Storage Market is going to witness a huge growth both in terms of revenue and shipment by 2021. A recent report published at Beige Market Intelligence provides the detailed analysis of worldwide consumer and enterprise NAS market. This market research report includes the detailed market sizing and growth forecast of each segment of the global consumer and enterprise NAS market.

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 According to the analysts at Beige Market Intelligence, the shipment of NAS devices is going to experience steady growth during the forecast period.  The growth will be majorly contributed by the individual consumers and SOHO users. The individul and SOHO users together account for almost 82% market of NAS devices shipment.  

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In 2015, the consumer  NAS market segment led the  NAS market, followed by the SOHO, SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises segments in terms of shipment.  “The consumer segment of NAS shipment will witness a CAGR growth more than 25% during the period 2015−2021”, says an analyst at Beige Market Intelligence.  Furthermore, the consumer NAS market segment is also expected to increase from 7.6 million unit to almost 29 million unit. However, the consumer NAS segment will witness the overall decline in the global NAS market.


Although the consumer NAS shipment will increase at a CAGR  more than 25%, however, the Y-o-Y growth rate will decline during 2015−2021. There are two primary reasons for decline. First, the addition of utility devices such as mobiles, tablets, and wearable devices enhance the average primary storage capacity of the user. The second reason is the shift of individual consumers from primary storage to cloud storage rather NAS storage. Another factor for the decline in the NAS revenue is sharp reduction in ASP of the consumer NAS.

The 150 paged report contains 27 key section which gives an explanatory information about the global consumer and enterprise NAS market. The market research report contains more than 70 figures which provides the details of the consumer and enterprise NAS market. The details provided in the report are comprehensive. The market research report provides the market size of  consumer NAS market , global NAS market, the market size and growth forecast of the by user type segments such as Consumer NAS, SOHO NAS, SMB NAS, SME NAS, Large nterprise NAS. The report describes the market size and growth forecast both in terms of  market revenue and shipment.

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Furthermore, the report covers a detailed information of the NAS market in different regions and in key countries. The major vendors identified within the NAS market report are Apple, Buffalo Technology, Dell, Dell EMC, Hitachi Data System, HP, NetApp, NETGEAR, QNAP, Seagate, Synology, and Western Digital. Other Vendors are Asustor, Cisco system, Direct Data Networks, Drobo, Fujitsu, LeiCie Group S.A., Lenovo EMC, Nfina Technology, Oracle, Overland Storage, Promise Technology, Quantum, Tegile, Thecus, Transporter, Unylogix, X-IO Technologies, and Zyxel.


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