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Automatic Doors Market Revenue Majorly Contributed by APAC Followed by EMEA

Automatic Doors are power operated doors which opens and closes automatically. The application of automatic doors goes back to the early 20th century in the US. These doors were mainly used in supermarkets to maintain air conditioning inside the buildings. As the design and functions of automatic doors improved, they were used in other applications such […]

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Is The Market Competition Between Consumer NAS and SOHO NAS Getting Intense?

The consumer NAS Segment of the global consumer and enterprise NAS Market is going to witness a dramatic shift during the year 2016-2021. During 2012-2015, the consumer NAS segment has shown a growth rate of more than 20%. However the revenue was steady up to a certain period, but is it going to be the […]

Global Talc Market Research Report, Market Size, Industry Analysis and Growth Forecast

Why Plastic is a Major Consumption Segment of Talc Market?

Global Talc Market which is going to witness a huge growth both in terms of revenue and consumption is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR closed to 4.6%.  A market research report recently published by Beige Market Intelligence outlines all the necessary details and segments of global talc market in its exclusive global talc […]

Telehealth Virtual visits market research report, Telehealth Virtual visits market size, Telehealth Virtual visits trends, growth, drivers, forecast, Telehealth Virtual visits market research, Telehealth Virtual visits market share, Telehealth Virtual visits key vendors

Telehealth Virtual Visits The Next Revolution in Healthcare Industry

 The technological evolution has contributed uncountable life saving and useful equipments to the global healthcare industry. And with the advancement of information technology the global health industry is coming up with the latest devices and procedures.To name a few intragastric balloons for weight loss, mobility scooters for free mobility, patient warming system and patient cooling system, […]

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Market Size, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Growth & Forecast, Trends, Challenges, and Driver, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market Research Report, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market Size

Why APAC region will dominate the global robotic vacuum cleaners market till 2021

 A recent study says that in 2015, APAC was the largest segment for the global robotic vacuum cleaner market . APAC is witnessing rapid urbanization among all other geographies. The rapid urbanization in developing countries of APAC is likely to boost the demand for new residential complexes, which is expected to drive demand for robotic vacuum cleaner in the market.  […]

Patient Temperature management market research report, market size, market share, trends, forecast

The Top Five Vendors in Global Patient Temperature Management Market

The Temperature Management market which consists of Patient Warming System and Patient Cooling System is going to be a US$ 1.6 billion market till 2021.  This huge growth in the market has led the way for a gigantic competition among the existing as well as the emerging vendors. The patient temperature management market is highly […]

Condom market size, Condom market research, condom top vendors, condom trends and forecast

Growing Popularity of Female Condom is one of the Driving Factors of Global Condom Market

The Global Condom Market which is growing rapidly with the addition and innovation of the new trends in the condom manufacturing and condom type. It is not only getting its revenue from the male condom but also the female condom segment is contributing to the market growth. The condom market has been traditionally dominated by […]

Consumer Board Market research, market size, trends, forecast, drivers, market share, market size

Top Five Vendors in Global Consumer Board Market Identified by Beige Market Intelligence

The packaging industry has gone through several evolutions and has come up with new and advanced materials for packaging. The packaging materials and design has been constantly changing with the new products and emerging trends. Fabric, leather, wooden crates, metal and glass were the earliest materials used for packaging. The packaging market has seen a […]

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Global Vape Market to Generate the Largest Part of Its Revenue from North America till 2021

North America will continue to dominate the global vape market and is likely to account for a market share of 47.45% North America was the largest region of the global vape market, accounting for a market share of 44.27%. The global vape market generated the largest part of its revenue from North America.  In 2015, North America […]

Telehealth Virtual Visits Market in US Market size Market Research Report

Intragastric balloons market worth US$198.56 million by 2021

Intragastric balloons are the saline-filled silicone balloons placed in the stomach for a span of months and limits intake of food by giving the feeling of satiety. These balloons permit patients to sense fullness, controls hunger, delays gastric emptying by altering gut hormones and peptides thus reducing food intake ultimately. Today, intragastric balloons can be […]

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