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Top Three Drivers of Packaged Coconut Water Market Identified by Beige Market Intelligence

Packaged Coconut Water market is going to witness huge growth in the forthcoming years. Coconut water refers to the inside liquid of coconuts, the fruits of coconut palms that are extensively found across the world. Coconut water is usually extracted from the young tender coconuts that are 6-9 months old, wherein maximum yield of desired taste can be extracted. This rather ubiquitous juice product displayed a stellar growth in consumption over the past few years and is often referred to as the next big growth story in the beverage market.

A recent report on “Global Coconut Water Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022” has highlighted the top drivers of the pacakged coconut water market. The report published by Beige Market Intelligence includes the analysis of the major factors driving the growth, emerging trends, market size of each segments of packaged coconut water market both in revenue and volume.

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The Top Factors Driving The Growth Of Packaged Coconut Water Market Are

Increased Global Awareness over Health and Nutrition

There has been an increased established correlation between consumption of carbonated and other sugar-sweetened drinks with multiple metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, liver damage, kidney stones, heart burn, tooth decay, hyper tension and impaired digestion. Hence several government initiatives (discussed in the report) have been taken to grow awareness among the people to avoid the sugary drinks. Hence, these initiatives have the potential to drive the consumption of healthier alternatives on account of an increased health consciousness of consumers driven by better awareness and education.

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Consistent Rise in Global Average Temperature On Account Of Climatic Change

Temperatures worldwide have been continuously increasing since the start of 21st century, and the annual global temperature record has been broken five times in 2005, 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2016. A rise in temperature when combined with high relative humidity can pose a serious threat to health especially on prolonged outdoor exposure. A higher likelihood of Asthma and sunstroke can potentially drive the consumption of packaged coconut water over sugary beverages due to the latter’s effectiveness and health benefits. A point wise description of the factor has been provided in the report.

Increased Investments and Pro-Government Policies in Coconut Farming to Bolster the Supply Side of Packaged Coconut Water Market

Coconut stands to be an important crop in various tropical countries. There has been a consistent growth in popularity of coconuts over the last decade with a soaring demand for not only packaged coconut water but also for coconut milk, concentrates and dried products on account of their potential use in medicine, cooking and food and beverage industries. There has been an unprecedented investment into coconut cultivation bolstering the coconut supply chain. The investment is only set to increase with a rapidly expanding demand characterized with consistent or declining supplies.

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