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Top 4 Vendors in Global Robotic Lawn Mower Market: Beige Market Intelligence

Beige Market Intelligence has identified the top four leading vendors in their latest global robotic lawn mower report. The research report also lists 15 emerging vendors to watch out for and can impact the market during 2017-2022

Competitive Landscape

The global robotic lawn mower market is highly concentrated with a limited number of small and large-sized players and the competition among these players is intense. The market concentration in developed region such as Europe is high, while the market is fragmented in developing countries such as APAC because of the presence of local vendors who provide low-cost robotic lawn mowers. However, certain vendors have entered more niche segments.

Some vendors manufacture lawn and garden care equipment across all categories (such as Husqvarna, Robert Bosch, and GGP), yet others serve only in a single category (such as Friendly Robotics or Robomow). For instance, Husqvarna and Robert Bosch have a large number of brands of various product lines of garden products in both corded and cordless battery-operated equipment category. On the other hand, Robomow only offers robotic lawn mowers.

Part consolidation has provided manufacturers of robotic equipment with energy savings and ease of manufacturing as processors are allowed to produce one part over several parts. These benefits have manifested in terms of reducing weight, effectiveness, and speed of the equipment, thereby making them efficient.

Husqvarna, Friendly Robotics/Robomow, ZCS (Zucchetti Centro Sistemi), Global Garden Products (GGP), and Robert Bosch are some of the major vendors in the market. The competition among these companies has intensified, leading to the introduction of many innovative and advanced robotic lawn mowers in the market.

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The top robotic lawn mower vendors (in alpahbatical order) are:

Friendly Robotic/Robomow

Friendly robotics has been manufacturing robotic lawn mowers since 1998. However, in 2003, it formed a joint venture with Hoover Company to create its new robotic vacuum cleaners, RV or Friendly Vac. It sold this product from 2003 to 2005 and later discontinued its production. In 2005, the company decided to put its brand name “Robomow” at the center stage and has been called Robomow since then.

Global Garden Products

GGP offers its robotic lawn mower under brand name, Stiga and Alpine. In 2012, Stiga introduced its Autoclip series of robotic lawn mowers, followed by Alpina AR series robotic lawn mowers in the same year in Europe. Both the brands sell their robotic lawn mowers through a network of dealers, and through established retail and wholesale partnerships across Europe.

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Husqvarna provides robotic lawn mowers under brand names, Husqvarna, Flymo, and Gardena. In 1995, it introduced its first solar-powered robotic lawn mower, the Automower. In 2008, the company revealed its second generation of robotic lawn mowers, the Automower Solar Hybrid, made up of 90% recyclable wastes, fully- electric, and more energy-efficient than their predecessors. In 2011, the third generation of Automower was released. These mowers were more compact and lightweight, and were suitable for small gardens and yards. In 2013, Automower 330X models were launched. These models use GPS technology to remember the area which it has already mowed. Husqvarna produced its 500,000th robotic lawn mower in 2015.


ZCS provides robotic lawn mowers under the brand name, Ambrogio, in Europe and, LawnBott, in the US through a strategic partnership with Kyodo America. In the UK and Ireland, Ambrogio robots are distributed by AutoLawnMow, a leading distribution company in the UK. In 2000, Ambrogio was launched in Europe. In 2012, ZCS and GGP signed a long-term strategic deal according to which ZCS had to provide its R&D skills and manufacturing techniques in robotic solutions while GGP offered its marketing and sales network to sell products


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