The Data Center Row Cooling Market Is Going To Increase Almost 4 Times By 2022


Row cooling market to get the largest revenue in North America region. Almost 50% of new data center construction project in US in 2016 & 2017 are preferring row cooling over room cooling.

A recent report released on “Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022” has come up with crucial information of worldwide data center cooling market. The 170-page report contain exclusive information about the market size, revenue and growth forecast of data center cooling market. The market research report outlines the major segments of the global data center cooling market with in-depth analysis of each segments.

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The report considers the revenue generated from the sales of the cooling solutions. The revenue generation is broadly sub-divided into data center cooling architecture, cooling technique, and cooling solutions.

  • Room-level Cooling: CRAC/CRAH cooling systems that help maintain uniform temperature inside the data center and avoid hot spots.
  • Row Level Cooling: the CRAC units are used to supply air into the cabinets arranged in a row
  • Rack Level Cooling: The CRAC units attached to the racks

Data center design and architecture consulting service providers across the globe are widely divided on the issue of cooling architecture. Some of them are preferring rack cooling as a long-term alternate to room cooling. However, others are rejecting it because, rack cooling is still in nascent stage of evolution. It requires another 3-4 years to grow up to be a complete alternate to room solutions.

Hence, some of the data center design and architecture providers are preferring row cooling over rack cooling. Because, it is an emerging technology and can reduce the OPEX, as well as carbon emission by almost 50% for a tier 4 data center.

 Can Row Cooling Be Considered as An Alternative To Room Cooling?

Room level cooling accounts for almost 77% of market share. However, the demand for room level cooling is falling. However, it won't be write-off so quickly. Its demand on largetier 4 data centers having real-time applications or high computing devices has reduced. In those cases, the demand for rack-level cooling and row level cooling is increasing. On a large, Row cooling can enter as an alternative to room level cooling.

The data center row level cooling is going to increase almost 4 times by 2022 vis-à-vis 2016.Data center operators are designing containment systems, housing IT equipment in data centers with small cooling units which offer row-based cooling at the heat source. The need for high-density servers triggers a concomitant increase in adoption of row cooling solutions. Constant innovations in the data center cooling space are expected to boost the revenue generated by row cooling solutions in the market.

Almost 50% of new data center construction project in US in 2016 & 2017 are preferring row cooling over room cooling. Hence, in US, the market is expected to grow by almost 22%. In case of APAC, the growth will be post 2018. This is because, by 2018, almost 45-50% of new data center construction will opt row cooling over room cooling.

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