North America likely to Remain the Largest E-learning Market during 2017-2022


  • North America was the largest market with revenue share of 43.13% in 2016
  • In terms of revenue, the US and China represent the world’s two largest e-learning markets constituting 49.35% of the global e-learning market

A recent report released by Beige Market Intelligencetitled “Global E-learning Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017–2022” includes a detailed market analysis of the global e-learning market and outlines leading trends, driving factors, and impeding challenges.

The 141-pager report provides an in-depth information about the global e-learning market. The report offers the market size and revenue comparison of different segments by end-user, content type, delivery modes, and geography; it also identifies the leading and other vendors.

View report : Global E-learning Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022

The global e-learning market can be cited as highly concentrated. Analysts at Beige Market Intelligence say that North America was the largest e-learning market with a revenue share of 43.13% in 2016 mainly driven by efficient learning infrastructure and proliferation of modern learning methods.

While the US and China represent the world’s two largest e-learning markets constituting 49.35% of the global market in terms of revenues, the Indian and MEA markets represent a huge growth potential. The proliferation of e-learning in each geography heavily depends on the prevalence of internet infrastructure, mobile connectivity, maturity of primary and secondary educations systems, corporate learning and training expenditure, federal budgetary allocations to education, availability of start-up ecosystem that can groom disruptive Ed-tech players, literacy rates, and cultural inclinations toward various education models.             

The e-learning market in APAC, although smaller than the North America market, is displaying impressive growth rate driven by some structural changes in key countries of India and China. These two countries that figure among the leading five e-learning markets in the world are characterized by rising disposable incomes and expanding internet infrastructure.

North America, which includes the key countries of the US and Canada, constitutes a key geography as it hosts the most advanced and largest economies of the world. The US and Canada despite hosting several technological innovations are set to grapple with massive investments required to maintain and upgrade the existing technological infrastructure setup. With an estimated 5% of the region’s GDP invested upon education, the region hosts some of the finest and prominent higher educational institutions. Further, the US and Canada have some of the most regulated standards and certifications in the world with emphasis on catering to the individual’s learning needs and areas of interest. E-learning is prominent in the region driven by better availability of internet infrastructure and high ownership of smartphones and tablets. 

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