Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses Segments Are Likely To Dominate Global Vision Care Market


  • APAC is expected to remain as the largest market for eyeglasses in terms of revenues.
  • The North America market is likely to lead the single day use contact lenses market.

A recent report, “Global Vision Care Market (Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses) – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017 – 2022" released by Beige Market Intelligence provides a detailed analysis and growth forecast of the global vision care market. The report provides a comprehensive market analysis of major segments of the global vision care market.

The report states that contact lenses and eyeglasses constitute major segments of the global vision care market. These segments together are expected to contribute a significant revenue to the global vision care market during the forecast period 2016–2022. It offers exhaustive insights and market analysis of various types of eye glasses and contact lenses.

Eye Glasses Market Size and Forecast

Eye glasses have emerged as the most preferred and affordable vision correction products.  They are often viewed as the best alternative as they do not entail daily maintenance and can be easily replaced or upgraded. Geographically, APAC remains to be the largest market for eyeglasses in terms of revenues on account of sheer size of population and incidence of ailments. However, the MEA region is considered as the fastest growing market for eyeglasses. The market research report provides the market size of various types of eyeglasses such as single vision eyeglasses, bifocal eyeglasses, and progressive eyeglasses.

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Contact Lenses Market Size and Forecast

Contact lenses, developed as a sophisticated advancement to eyeglasses, have turned to be a rage, particularly in the consumer segment. Contact lenses are used in the similar way as eyeglasses, however, they have double optical power and are considered as the emerging products in the industry. From functionality perspective, the contact lenses market has evolved to innovative variants and segmentation based on material and modality, resulting in a large range of variants for use.  The market of single day use contact lens is growing at a CAGR of 7.9%.  North America leads the single day use contact lenses market in terms of market share, followed by Europe and Asia.

Similarly, in terms of modality, the spherical contact lenses market is expected to witness immense growth.  However, the toric lens segment is going to be one of the fastest growing segments in the contact lens market.

More information about the market size of eye glasses, contact lenses, intraocular lens, artificial tears and other eye care OTC products is included in the report.

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