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Global Data Center Cooling Market is Likely to Cross US$12 billion by 2022

A data center requires high-quality cooling solutions for effective operations. The heat generated from the data center IT equipment needs to be reduced, and the temperature is to be maintained between 18 and 27 degree Celsius. Cooling solutions are used in data centers to remove the heat and maintain the required room temperature. CRAC and CRAH units are operated in data centers, including air conditioners, chillers, cooling towers, economizers, humidifiers, and modern containment systems that offer rack cooling units. These cooling units use air and liquid cooling techniques to operate.

A recent report on Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017–2022  has thrown up some interesting facts about the current scenario and future aspects of global data center cooling market.  Analysts at Beige Market Intelligence expect that the global data center cooling market is likely to cross approx. US$12 billion by 2022.

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Data Center Cooling Market Current Scenario

  • Currently, the data center market is dominated by liquid cooling solutions, followed by air cooling solutions
  • Free cooling is slowly and steadily emerging. Canada, Nordic, and states in the US in 40−49-degree latitude are adopting more number of air-based free-cooling data center solutions. On the other hand, several data centers are getting constructed in the tropical region near the sea coast regions
  • In liquid cooling, chilled-water cooling has the largest market share. However, it is losing its market share. Liquid-immersion cooling is emerging and is likely to gain a significant market share by 2018
  • Regulators are capping the use of water for data centers because a large volume of water used by data centers is depleting the water table levels in local areas. Hence, data centers have started using 100% water re-usage solutions
  • New data center construction projects in 40−70-degree latitude and cost-line are adopting free cooling technique. Nordic is the most preferred destination for free cooling solutions
  • Room-level cooling accounts for almost 77% of the total market share. However, it is losing market share rapidly. Row level-cooling is aggressively taking away the market share from room-level cooling. Rack-level cooling is slowly catching the attention of data center operators. However, there is a lot of confusion prevailing in the market as to what will constitute the future technology
  • The US and Western Europe are aggressively moving toward rack-based cooling, whereas others are adopting row-based cooling solutions

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Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017–2022

 Data Center Cooling Future Market Scenario

  • The revenue from the sale of data center cooling solutions is likely to double in 2022 than 2016
  • APAC will lead the data center cooling market leaving behind the North America market
  • In 2022, the major driver in the APAC market will be high number of new data center projects. However, in North America, the project upgrading will be a major driver
  • Air-based cooling will lose the market share; however, liquid-immersion cooling will help to increase the market share of liquid cooling
  • Sales of economizers will lead the sale of other cooling solutions such as chillers and air conditioner

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Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017–2022

The 170-page report contain exclusive information about the market size, revenue, and growth forecast of data center cooling market. The market research report outlines the major segments of the global data center cooling market with in-depth analysis of each segments.

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