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In Data Center Cooling Market APAC Region Is Going to Take Over The Leading Position From North America and Europe By 2022

Global data center cooling market is going to witness a drastic change in its growth. The worldwide data center cooling market is expected to be worth US$ 12 billion by 2022. What are the factors driving the market? Which region is going to contribute the most revenue in worldwide data center cooling market?  Who are the major vendors in the market? 

The exclusive market research report on Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022 provides all the possible answers to the above crucial questions. The report also forecasts that the market scenario is going to change in terms of geographical dominance. The region dominating the global data center cooling market in 2016 may not be in the leading position by 2022. Then which region is going to be the largest market for data center cooling?

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 In 2016, North America and Europe have dominated global data Center cooling market. These two together accounted for almost more than half of the global market share. It was followed by the APAC region.  

    Data Center Cooling Market - Forecast 2017-2022

                                                      Data Center Cooling Regionwise Market Share 2016 & 2022

However, by 2022, APAC will be leading the global data center cooling market. It will account for almost 33% market share. It will be followed by North America and Europe with 27% and 21%, respectively. The market research report forecasts the data center cooling market in APAC region to grow immensely by 2022.

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APAC, and MEA are the geographies, which are expected to see a the maximum CAGR during the forecast period. The major growth in these two geographies in terms of revenue can start from 2018 onwards. Increasing data center construction projects in these two geographies are driving the market.

The Data Center Cooling Market In APAC Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 17%

Unlike the North America and Europe market; APAC is not witnessing any shift from traditional Air-based and liquid-based cooling to free cooling. Rather, the market is witnessing more of Liquid-based cooling. This is because, most of countries in the APAC regions in which new data center construction is increasing are in tropical atmosphere.

However, like North America and Europe, APAC is also witnessing a shift from room-based cooling to row and rack-based cooling. However, the rate change is slow compared to North America and Europe. The rate of change from room-based cooling to row and rack based cooling will be more evident post 2018. This is because, the evolution of cloud-based services and big data analytics has fuelled the demand for advanced data center IT equipment, which has resulted in generation of hot-spots and huge heat. Also, commitment of most of the APAC nations who are the major carbon emitters such as China and India; to reduce heat and carbon has forced the data center vendors to move from room-based cooling to rack and row based cooling.  Further the report contains a detailed analysis of market size of the key countries. A detailed analysis of the cooling techniques and cooling architecture has been provided for each country.

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