Vision Care, Contact Lens, Eyeglasses, Market Size, Industry Analysis, Trends, Forecast, Driver, Market Share

Eye Care is Emerging as the Most Progressive Sector in Medical Technology

Eye care has been an important part of the healthcare industry. Visual impairment and preventive blindness, which once stood among common ailments, have turned into major health challenges for the global healthcare system. An increase in eye ailments due to change in lifestyle and prolonged exposure to digital content is resulting in the computer vision […]

Robotic Lawn Mower Market Size, Robotic Lawn Mower Market Research, Robotic Lawn Mower Market Share, Robotic Lawn Mower Trends, Robotic Lawn Mower Forecast, Robotic Lawn Mower Industry Analysis

Top 4 Vendors in Global Robotic Lawn Mower Market: Beige Market Intelligence

Beige Market Intelligence has identified the top four leading vendors in their latest global robotic lawn mower report. The research report also lists 15 emerging vendors to watch out for and can impact the market during 2017-2022 Competitive Landscape The global robotic lawn mower market is highly concentrated with a limited number of small and large-sized […]

Coding and Marking Market Size, Industry Analysis, Market Share, Trends, Growth, Forecast

De-coding the Demand for Coding and Marking Market

Beige Market Intelligence has recently published an updated report titled "Global Coding and Marking Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022. The market research report highlights many key insights about the coding and marking market.  Click here to know more about the report The global coding and marking market is growing at a CAGR of […]

Chain Drive market size, chain drives market share, chain drives market forecast, chain drive industry analysis, chain drives trends and forecast

Why China is an Important Geography for the Global Chain Drive Market?

The global chain drive market is likely to witness a drastic change in the near future. The market is expected to undergo progression in various end-user segments and witness a high growth in different geographical regions. The growth of the global chain drive market can be cited highest in the three major countries i.e., China, […]

Headphones Market Research, Headphone Industry Analysis, Headphone Market Share, Headphone Trends, Headphone Forecast, Headphone Share

Europe To Lead The Headphones Market In Terms of Volume And Value

Headphones have undergone a number of advancements since the time they were used by telephone operators. Nowadays, headphones have become stylish in appearance and efficient in sound quality and performance. The evolution in technology and the growth of the music industry have revolutionized the way people listen to music. Currently, there are many ways to listen to music, […]

Female Condom Market Research, Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast,

Top Five Manufacturers of Female Condoms Who are Leading the Global Female Condom Market

Condoms are barrier-type contraceptives that are designed to eliminate the actual contact between sexual organs. They contain a physical barrier that stops the transfer of sexual fluids required for copulation. The introduction of female condoms has created a new segment in the global condom market. Although the adoption of these condoms is still in the nascent stage, […]

Coconut water market size, coconut water Industry Analysis, coconut water market share, coconut water trends, coconut water forecast, coconut water trends and analysis

Top Three Drivers of Packaged Coconut Water Market Identified by Beige Market Intelligence

Packaged Coconut Water market is going to witness huge growth in the forthcoming years. Coconut water refers to the inside liquid of coconuts, the fruits of coconut palms that are extensively found across the world. Coconut water is usually extracted from the young tender coconuts that are 6-9 months old, wherein maximum yield of desired […]

Image of power tools market analysis, hand tools, corded tools, cordless power tools

What Are The Top Three Trends In Global Power Tools Market For The Upcoming Years?

Power tools stand as an integral part of the industrial evolution. They are the key enablers to enhance productivity in major industries. With various power sources ranging from combustion engines to batteries and electric motors, power tools are now ubiquitous, replacing manual labor with hand tools in construction, gardening, and house works in various tasks […]

Data Center Cooling Industry Analysis, Data Centre Cooling Market Size, Data Centre Cooling Market Research, Data Centre Cooling Forecast, trends, and market share

In Data Center Cooling Market APAC Region Is Going to Take Over The Leading Position From North America and Europe By 2022

Global data center cooling market is going to witness a drastic change in its growth. The worldwide data center market is expected to be worth US$ 12 billion by 2022. What are the factors driving the market? Which region is going to contribute the most revenue in worldwide data center cooling market?  Who are the […]

Robotic Lawn Mower Market Size, Robotic Lawn Mower Market Research, Robotic Lawn Mower Market Share, Robotic Lawn Mower Trends, Robotic Lawn Mower Forecast, Robotic Lawn Mower Industry Analysis

How Adoption of Smart Home concept and increasing adoption of green spaces will boost the robotic lawn mower market

 Robotic lawn mower market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% by 2022, is going to witness a drastic change over next five years. Among the various factors driving the growth of the robotic lawn mower market smart home adoption is included in the latest report published by Beige Market Intelligence. The […]

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